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A Squire is a student in a formal relationship with a member of the Order of the Chivalry. The terms of this relationship is entirely dependent on both the knight and the squire; in fact, a knight with multiple squires will likely have different relationships with each of them. The vast differences between each knight-squire relationship make it hard to define a “typical” squire. Some knights require fealty, service, or other tasks of their squires, while others view the relationship as one of mutual inspiration. Some knights are very involved training their squires, giving them drills and cross-training exercises to do, while others have a more hands-off approach.


Alone of all Peers, knights are required to swear fealty to the Crown. Thus, a squire who is in fealty to a knight is also, through the knight's fealty, in fealty to the Crown.

Squires in History

A squire is an attendant of a knight who may act as their shield-bearer and assist them in various other ways. Traditionally, they are ranked below the knight but higher than a gentleman. There is no guarantee that they will ever become a knight themselves.

It came to also mean an English country gentleman. A related term “esquire” still exists in England to this day and is widely used in the United States by attorneys (male and female!) to designate their profession.


Squires are marked by the wearing of a red belt. Although Society Sumptuary Law restricts the wearing of an unadorned circular chain for the Order of Chivalry, Ealdormere - along with many other Kingdoms - allows squires to wear unadorned silver chains, reserving unadorned gold chains for Chivalry. It is also customary, though less common, that squires are given silver spurs.

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