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Ragnheiðr Hróaldsdóttir

Also goes by Canadia of the Northernstorm!


Ragnheiðr is a Norse woman of some repute, often found tending bar in the Swamp at Pennsic War, or in the Barony of Rising Waters, where she currently resides.


  • Device: Argent, on a fess wavy azure, two eyes argent irised gules and in chief three forget-me-nots azure.
  • Badge: (Fieldless) A forget-me-not azure charged with an eye argent, irised gules.

Offices and Appointments

Current Offices

Past Offices

Other Activities

Ragnheiðr has also served as Event Steward, and Camp Mama for House Black Patche. She is also an Axe Maiden of Ealdormere.



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