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Yamamoto Morikazu


Yamamoto Morikazu-dono (山本盛和) is a 16th-century Samurai from Nippon (ie. Japan). Born 1504 in the town of Ushikubo, in Mikawa province - which was then under the suzerainty of the Imagawa clan. Yamamoto Morikazu is related to the famous general Yamamoto Kansuke who was one of Takeda Shingen’s Twenty-Four Generals. It was here he first caught eye of Minamoto Natsumi. Traveling in secret with Natsume to Kai he served under Yamamoto Kansuke in his army and studied under his careful eyes. At the great battle of Battle of Kawanakajima, Yamamoto Morikazu watched as all the Yamamoto present that day charged into battle and died honorably. This charge lead the army to a great victory; alas, his relatives would never know. With no family to speak of any more, Yamamoto Morikazu wandered the countryside and learned the arts of the Katana and Naginata from various great masters.

In 1545 he traveled to Nagasaki and worked in the armoury there as part of the established trade route with the Portuguese linked to Goa. He learned armouring quickly from some excellent teachers and picked up this skill very quickly. His skill eventually brought him a request to take his skills to Portugal and learn how to make firearms. He accepted, and boarded a ship with Natsumi and his apprentices that would eventually be bound for Portugal. After a fierce storm that lasted for thirty days, his ship and all his tools and apprentices were lost at sea. Only Yamamoto Morikazu and Minamoto Natsumi survived the crash and washed up to the shores of Ealdormere. It was here in Ealdormere that Yamamoto established a new home with his now promised wife to be. After a few years of living in Ealdormere, Yamamoto established a new household - Clan Okami - which was founded on the same principles of his native clan. He then met a new master named Sir Oikawa Katsu also of Nippon and trained under him. Sir Katsu then asked him after the great battle of Pennsic 39 to be his Hatamoto (first guard) which Yamamoto accepted.


Yamamoto formerly resided in the Canton of Skeldergate, within the Barony of Septentria.


  • Device: Argent, a pine tree couped issuant from a pellet, a bordure sable.

Offices and Appointments

Past Office

SCA History

Yamamoto is the founder and first daimyou of Clan Okami. He is no longer active in the society.



Arms: Argent, a pine tree couped issuant from a pellet, a bordure sable.
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