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Wulfgang Donnerfaust


Herr Wulfgang Donnerfaust is a late-period german.


Wulfgang currently resides in the Shire of Trinovantia Nova.


  • Device Wulfgang's device has not been registered, but has been submitted as “Argent, a griffon passant vert maintaining in its forelimb a length of chain vert.”

Current Office(s)

Past Offices

SCA History

Wulfgang joined the Society in the early 2000's. He got his primary armoured combat authorization at Ealdormere War Practice (now War of the Trillium) during the reign Sarnac-Kahn, during which time Wulfgang served as Lord-in-Waiting. Despite a drop in activity around 2015, his interest has been re-kindled during the Year of the Plague (2020).

Wulfgang acted as Ealdormere's special envoy to bear gifts to the Kingdom of Drachenwald as part of their 10-year celebration.

Wulfgang temporarily had a detachable head that offered advice. “I got better.” In that respect, he has been killed in three different Kingdoms as of the current year.

Wulfgang has acted as Autocrat at Trinovantia Nova's Winter War four…no, five times…



Other Activities

Wulfgang was the first squire to Sir Sarnac. He is protegéed to Master Hector of the Black Heights.

Contact Information

Wulfgang can be contacted by email.

You can use the populace badge if you do not have heraldry.
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