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Vincenzo di Bartolomeo da Brescia


Vincenzo di Bartolomeo da Brescia is a late 16th-century musician from the northern Italian city of Brescia. He is often found traveling among the Adriatic possessions of the Most Serene Republic of Venice, with which his city is aligned. As is common in his humanist social circle, he occasionally goes by the Romanized version of his name, Vincentius Brixiae.


Vincenzo is Ealdormerean by choice, having adopted the kingdom by choosing to be most active in it while his peripatetic lifestyle keeps him from being “physically resident” in any part of the Knowne World for more than six months of the year.


  • Device: Azure, three quavers argent

Offices and Appointments

Current Office

Vincenzo currently holds no offices.

Past Offices

SCA History

Vincenzo has been around the SCA since high school, but his reenactment interests and music career took him more towards public performance and renaissance festivals. Many friends he made at the Ontario Renaissance Festival were highly active in Ealdormere, however, and a week of carousing with King Roak I and his entourage at Gulf Wars cemented the bond. He had become active in the Kingdom of the Middle with his then-partner in 2001, but after his 2006 divorce decided to concede to her the Midream as he began a more wandering lifestyle. The 2007 Fruits of Our Labour event, surrounded by friends old and new, sealed his bond with Ealdormere.


  • Period languages and linguistics
  • Music, particularly instrumental bas musique (later known as “chamber music”) and stringed instruments
  • Historical “creative cohorts” of mutually inspiring artists
  • Relationships between period patrons and artists
  • Reenactment in period, notably 16C Italian adoption of Roman customs
  • Romanesque/Norman 10-12C architecture


Other Activities

Vincenzo is a professional traveling hammered dulcimer player.

Contact Information

Vincenzo can be contacted by email.


Arms: Azure, three quavers argent.
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