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Þorfinna gráfeldr


The Honourable Lady Þorfinna gráfeldr is a norsewoman, born in Norway in 912. She left her homeland to follow a brother who went viking, and ended up near York, where she set up a small bit of land (Þorfinnastaadr) and settled down.


Þorfinna originally lived in her manor Þorfinnastaadr, in the Canton of Ardchreag in the Barony of Septentria. In AS 54 she moved to her manor of Raven Roost, in the Stronghold of Greyfells in the Barony of Skraeling Althing.


  • Device: Argent, three serpents nowed gules.

Offices and Appointments

Current Offices

  • Exchequer, Stronghold of Greyfells

Past Offices

Past Appointments

SCA History

Þorfinna is a member of the Cliffguard (Ardchreag’s fighting force), the Yeomen of the White Arrow (Ardchreag’s archery and thrown weapons unit), the Bardic College of Ealdormere, the Games Guild of Ealdormere and Ealdormere College of Heralds. She was also a co-founder of the (now defunct) Septentrian Performing Arts Troupe. With Colyne Stewart she heads House Malepardus.


  • House Arrochar: Household of Countess Adrielle Kerrec, OP, OL and Earl Nigel MacFarlane, KSCA, and their dependents. Þorfinna is a student of Adrielle.
  • The Cennedis: Household of Sir Rory Cennedi the Kid and his dependents. Þorfinna is a squire to Sir Cennedi.
  • House Galbraith: A fraternal household based on an Irish merchanting family.



Þorfinna er Sted - her SCA blog.

Arms: Argent, three serpents nowed gules.
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