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Tempus Peregrinator


Tempus Peregrinator is of No Set Persona; however, he is often seen as a Landsknecht or civilian of the 16th century. Tempus likes to stand around looking pretty. (“A clothes-horse.”)


Tempus currently resides in the Canton of Caldrithig, within the Barony of Skraeling Althing. For many years (“many” being twenty-four), Tempus lived in the Canton of Petrea Thule, within the Barony of Septentria.


  • Arms: Per fess sable and gules, in pale two annulets entwined (embraced) gules and sable.
  • Badge: Argent, five pallets embowed gules enlaced with five pallets embowed to sinister sable.
  • Motto: “Let's make epic garb, dress-up and, stand around looking pretty.”:o).

Offices and Appointments

Current Office

Tempus currently holds no offices.

Past Offices

SCA History

Tempus' first SCA event was in Petrea Thule in October of 1990, A.S.XXV. It was at this event that would get his SCA name. He started the day in a Tunica & Toga. Living, at the time, a block from that site, he had planed to go home and change garb anyway. Unaware that he needed to take feast gear, lunch became a good time to dart away and returned in a Bliaut. After lunch he slipped away returning in a Cotehardie. Later in the afternoon changed to a Houppelande. For feast and court an Elizabethan outfit. This went over very well and it was great fun. In discussions at Petrea Thule meetings after the event where he had kind-of traveled through time, someone jokingly said “Time Traveler” would make a good name. Thevinin grabbed his Latin/English dictionary, looked up “Time” and found Tempus, looked up “Traveller” and found Peregrinator. Thus was an SCA name found.

For several years Tempus would wear two or three outfits a day at events. Wearing all manner of garb, Tempus was already sewing and designing his clothes for many years before knowing about the SCA - predominantly clothes from the early to mid-eighteenth century, he had also made a lot of garb from SCA period. In the summer of A.S.XXVII at Murder Melee, Tempus would meet Konrad, who at the time dressed as a Landsknecht, this inflamed his love of the Landsknecht garb and so Tempus began his Landsknecht Period…

Tempus' “real name” is actually Ragnar. Originally discouraged from using it in the SCA he registered some heraldry and a name with one of his middle names. Baldur Peregrinator was registered in August of 1995 (via the Middle). Tempus also has a device which he's never used… Tempus has always used an un-registerable device with a charge he came up with in his youth. A similiar situation exists with the pattern of his badge.

Tempus also tell stories and well know for his story of The Great Canadian Wallpaper festival, Moose Hatcheries, and a few others.

At his first meeting Tempus said “I get to sew cool historic garb, then dress-up, then stand around looking pretty? …This is a good group for me!”


Primary Interests:

Other Interests:


Other Activities

Tempus has been apprenticed to Mistress Aramanthra the Vicious of House Iron Maiden since Pennsic 23ish.

There are many more things, Tempus feels you may not want to know more about. Or maybe you do.

Contact Information

Tempus as he is best known.
Tempus in the early years.
Badge, things wearing this badge belong to Tempus
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