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Sapphyrah Rozvardo


Sapphyrah Rozvardo is one of many from the Rozvardo clan. As a traveler and trickster, she goes by a number of names.

To the tax collector, she is known as Zaynab al~Munajjimah, a Domari currently in the area around Jerusalem during the rule of the great Salah al Din. She will often craft a dramatic tale of how she came to this land, a tale that varies with each telling.

There is also Alessandra Grazia della Scala, a courtesan known to her clients as Bia. The youngest daughter of condottiere Pasqual Manolosso, she has a passion for writing, stories, fine wine and politics.

Finally there is Astrid Einarsdottir, her Norse persona.

During her travels Sapphyrah has made friends and family, as such has become part of a few households such as House Byrd, the Rozvardo clan and even became a mascot for the House Inni. Recently she has become apprentice to the honorable Baron James the Mercer.


Sapphyrah claims her home to be in the Barony of Skraeling Althing.


  • Device: Azure, a peacock close and on a chief wavy argent three pomegranates gules

Offices and Appointments

Current Office

Sapphyrah currently holds no offices.

Past Offices

SCA History

Sapphyrah started playing the game at Spring tourney in Appledore in 1998. Her home Shire gave her a love of the game along with the silliness that can be enjoyed while learning. Her small home shire allowed her to explore the combat arts, arts and sciences, performing, and detailed persona development.



  • Award of Arms - October 10th, 2004 (Kingdom of An Tir, from Kieran and Ksenia)
  • Appleseed - Date Unknown (Shire of Appledore award, Kingdom of An Tir (Shire level award))

Other Activities

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Contact Information

While Sapphyrah prefers hand written letters addressed in our out of persona toany of her personas, she can be contacted via email.

Arms: Azure, a peacock close and on a chief wavy argent three pomegranates gules
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