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 ===== Heraldry ===== ===== Heraldry =====
-Roselyne issadly, without heraldry. She's working on it though.+  * **Device:** Per chevron wavy argent and azurethree roses counterchanged.
 ===== Offices and Appointments ===== ===== Offices and Appointments =====
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 <WRAP column 25% right> <WRAP column 25% right>
-[{{media:​heraldry:​branch_heraldry:wolfium.jpg|You can use the populace badge if you do not have heraldry.}}]+[{{media:​heraldry:​personal_heraldry:roselyne_de_sainte-genevieve_heraldry.png|Arms: //Per chevron wavy argent and azure, three roses counterchanged//}}]
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
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