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Richard of Dragon Castle


Born: 12th Century

Ancestry: Mother was French and father, Edmund, was Scottish architect.

Wife: Lady Gina Dragoni, born August 22, 1338 (Much younger woman)

Home: Portsmouth, England

Life in his own words: “My father built castles for the King of England Henry I & his wife Matilda (Princess of Scotland). King Henry was very impressed with the work of my father and gave him permission to build a castle and use the name Dragon as his own.

“At this point in history, I was very young but showed interest in bartering, conversation and travelling. Father decided that building his new castle in a port of trade would help his favourite son in his future. Portsmouth was the city of choice and that is where Dragon Castle remains.

“I spent a few years of my early manhood participating in the crusades, but decided that a warrior’s life was not for me. During these years, I met many connections in the business world and decided that a merchant’s life would be much more profitable.

“I spent many years travelling to the important trading cities in the world from England. During those years I met many interesting people and heard many wonderful stories. Even though I have travelled the world, I always considered Portsmouth my home.

“While I was in a small town in Italy, I talked to my one man at great lengths. He was selling a lovely light brilliant fabric called silk and I was trading him my fine English wool. I stayed longer than expected because I was smitten by his beautiful daughter that was working by his side. She had learned to speak English so that she could help her father talk to other merchant traders. I was very lucky that I didn’t have to learn to speak Italian.

“Within a month we were married and on our way back to England.

“I got so tired of experiencing seasickness with being on the water that I finally retired from sea travel. My wife and I now live a comfortable life back in Portsmouth in Dragon Castle. I continue to trade in wools & silk fabric as my father-in-law ships me these wonderful silk to sell on his behalf. Of course I take a healthy commission for my work. I also trade in other merchandise depending upon my clients needs.”


Canton of Harrowgate Heath in the Barony of Skraeling Althing

Offices and Appointments

Current Office

No current office as the canton has downsized.

Past Offices

SCA History

Richard joined the SCA as card member in 2002 in Caldrithig. He moved over to the Harrowgate Heath to assist in the forming and support of the new canton (Jan 11, 2004).


Richard enjoys learning new skills and creating items.


Other Activities



Contact Information

  • Richard can be reached by email
Arms: Purpure, a lion rampant maintaining an egg Or, a bordure Or, semy fleur-de-lis Purpure.
Badge: Or, in chief a goulpe, and in base six piles inverted three and three purpure.
Lord Richard of Dragon Castle with wife Lady Gina Dragoni.
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