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Rhys of Anglesey


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Rhys currently resides in the Barony of Rising Waters, more specifically in Niagara Falls, Ontario.


  • Device: Per pale raguly argent and vert, an oak tree eradicated and a satyr passant counterchanged. (currently being registered)
  • Badge: Has not been chosen yet.

Current Office(s)

Social Media Officer for Barony of Rising Waters

Past Offices

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SCA History

Joined the SCA in August 2019 and I have since attended practices, Baronial events and Inter-Baronial events.



Rhys has not received an award yet.

Of Note

As a heathen of the Old Ways, Rhys would appreciate that any awards, ceremonies and accolades be done in the tradition of the Druids, Celts or other Pagan traditions (Norse Runes are fine). Symbology on scrolls etc. should be left free of any Christian symbols.

Other Activities

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Contact Information


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