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Piero di Paxiti da Vincenza


According to some of the earliest “Forward Into the Past” presenter notes, Piero di Paxiti da Vincenza is a man well-known to the authorities in Venice, who travels with caution, drinks in moderation, and very rarely speaks of his work. He doesn't often stand for ceremonial titles, but uses Master or Maestro most commonly.


Piero is located in Royal Citie of Eoforwic, within the Barony of Septentria, though he started in early 1990 in the Canton of Bryniau Tywynnog.


  • Device: Argent, a bow fesswise drawn and with an arrow nocked sable within an orle vert semy of acorns Or.

Normally he displays these with fewer acorns than strictly depicted, and the orle diapered with oak leaves.

Current Office(s) and Appointments

Past Offices

SCA History

Piero prefers he/him pronouns, but is not averse to any.

Piero joined in 1990, introduced to the Society through a friend (Brand) in the Canton of Bryniau Tywynnog. He quickly became interested in calligraphy and illumination, but also pursuing several other pastimes within the Society (with some level of skill - though not necessarily much talent).

He currently does much of his creative work with friends especially with the “Barrington House”, and spends most of his efforts in the Scribal Arts.

In 2013, though he had taken no apprenticeship, Line of Corwyn and Domhnail surprised him by begging the boon of Trumbrand II and Kaylah II that he be considered for the Order of the Laurel and that Pennsic, by Their Royal Majesties' hands, it was made so.



Other Activities

One page of Ealdormere's Scroll of Honour has painting by Piero, while four different pages thereof feature inkwork by him.

Piero is proud to have been called “Hand of the King”, especially since he is still alive to boast of it.

Piero was known originally within the Society as “Blain Sylvanus”, and though he adopted and thoroughly documented his new name Piero before 2000, he never bothered to officially register it with the College of Heralds until Pennsic in 2019.

Don't ask him about the ampersand (&), long s (∫), eszett (β), thorn (Þ), ash (æ), or eth (ð) if you have anywhere to be. 8-)

Contact Information

Social Media (such as Facebook) is probably the most effective. Text messaging secondarily (please find a common friend who has this information). Email tertiarily, and be aware that this may take longer and require reminders.

Arms: Argent, a bow fesswise drawn and with an arrow nocked sable within an orle vert semy of acorns Or.
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