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 +====== Neala ingen Ui Ragnaill ======
 +Lady Neala is likely a female descendant of the clan of Ragnall ua Ímair, a Viking leader who ruled Northumbria and the Isle of Man in the early 10th century. After being expelled from Dublin in 902, he had a number of successful Viking raids and battles in Ireland over the following years, and returned to Waterford to install himself as King in 917. He went on to Scotland a year later and then conquered York and became king there. ​
 +Neala, Gaelic for champion, is the last child born to Niall. Having only daughters before her he gave her his name and raised her like a son. Owning a bar & brothel in [[branches:​shire:​trinovantia_nova|Trinovantia Nova]], with a tidy little side business of assisting with problems, Neala likes to travel the countryside in the good weather gaming, brawling and drinking her way through the Kingdom. While she prefers a stealthier method of dealing with problems she is adept with thrown weapons and enjoys a little archery from time to time. 
 +Neala is a member of [[groups:​guilds_and_orders:​yeomen_of_the_wolf|Yeomen of the Wolf]] and is one of the heads of [[groups:​households:​harpy_hall|Harpy Hall]]. She has just begun learning to work with leather, enjoys cooking and is known for her hostitality (not a spelling mistake).
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