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Neala ingen Ui Ragnaill


Lady Neala is likely a female descendant of the clan of Ragnall ua Ímair, a Viking leader who ruled Northumbria and the Isle of Man in the early 10th century. After being expelled from Dublin in 902, he had a number of successful Viking raids and battles in Ireland over the following years, and returned to Waterford to install himself as King in 917. He went on to Scotland a year later and then conquered York and became king there.

Neala, Gaelic for champion, is the last child born to Niall. Having only daughters before her he gave her his name and raised her like a son. Owning a bar & brothel in Trinovantia Nova, with a tidy little side business of assisting with problems, Neala likes to travel the countryside in the good weather gaming, brawling and drinking her way through the Kingdom. While she prefers a stealthier method of dealing with problems she is adept with thrown weapons and enjoys a little archery from time to time.


Neala resides in the forest city within the heart of Trinovantia Nova.


Neala is the Deputy of Several Things in Trinovantia Nova, assisting all of the officers and marshals with running the Shire. She also serves as a thrown weapons marshal throughout the Shires and Baronies of Ealdormere.


Neala is a Corporal in the Yeomen of the Wolf and is one of the founding flock for Harpy Hall.




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