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Nadrah bint Valizan al-Garnatiyya


Orphaned in a foreign land during the Umayyad Caliphate of Cordoba, Mu'allima Nadrah bint Valizan al-Garnatiyya was fortunate to be adopted by a friend of her father’s. She resides in Gharnata (Granada), where she maintains a small merchant shop for her extended family.

Alternate Persona: Auðr Skíðadottir

Auðr is a 10th century Icelandic woman living near Husavik with her father, married to a merchant from the Faroe Islands.


Nadrah currently resides in the Shire of Ulfheim.


  • Device: Azure, three tulips within an orle argent.

Offices and Appointments

Current Office

Nadrah currently holds no offices.

Past Offices

SCA History

Nadrah is married to The Honourable Lord Thorsteinn Bjarnylyr Sveinnson. She has two proteges, Lord Olaf Smeds of the North Woods and Lady Alice of Brennisteinn Vatn.



Arms: Azure, three tulips within an orle argent.
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