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Asleif of Ramshaven


Asleif went through something of a personal drift. Muirenn was originally from 7th-century Ireland. She then wandered for a bit into 12th-century Langue d'Oc (southern France) and called herself Azalais. Now she's playing in 9th century England with the Anglo-Saxons, but a friendly Northman started calling her Asleif. It's just messy. So, she's Celtic, French and Anglo-Saxon… ish. She still tries to play the harp and occasionally sings love songs, but mostly she's hearing the siren call of her garden and loom.

In this current incarnation she lives on Badric's Isle (called Battersea in modern times), just after the re-taking of Lundenwic and Lundenberg from the Norse by Alfred the Great. This part of the world is in the Kingdom of Mercia under Queen Aethelflaed… For now.


Asleif currently resides centrally within the Barony of Ramshaven.


Asleif currently has no armoury.

  • Asleif: “This is something I should get around to before my idea gets snatched up…”
  • All the Heralds: “Yes. Yes you should.”

Offices and Appointments

Current Office

Asleif currently holds no offices.

Past Appointments

  • Kingdom Bard - Fall, 2005, Kingdom of Ealdormere (as Muirenn ingen Morgair)



Contact Information

If she doesn't know you personally, she can be found on Facebook.

Wyrtwiching, Asleif's gardening, craft and recipe blog.

You can use the populace badge if you do not have heraldry.
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