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Matilda of Swynford


Dame Matilda of Swynford (she/her) is an English gentlewoman living in England in 1342 CE. She is married to a Dutch wool merchant, Berend van der Eych, and very much enjoys the fruits of his labours. She also enjoys the fact that he is a time traveler and brings her all sorts of delightful things from his time on Crusade.


Matilda currently resides in the Shire of Bastille du Lac. She is a member of House Arrochar and can often be found loitering near the bar, cutting up limes for her mistress, Adrielle Kerrec.


Matilda's heraldry was Granted to her by Royal Writ:

  • Device: Azure, three piles or, a squirrel natural passant dexter in chief, holding an acorn vert on a gules field.
  • Helm: A helm proper sinister, closed, mounted with three feathers argent and sable, gorged with a ribbon vert and mantled, with a Cap of Maintenance.
  • Crest: A lozenge, bearing the arms as described.
  • Supporters: Two greyhounds, natural, engorged with a coronet argent bearing seven pearl spheres, the Compartment comprising of a ribbon argent and or, bearing letters.
  • Motto: Veritas Invictus. (Truth Shall Overcome)
  • Badge: (Fieldless) A squirrel natural passant dexter on a gules field.

Offices and Appointments

Current Office

  • Kingdom Signet - Kingdom of Ealdormere (May 2022 - present)

Past Offices

Past Appointments

  • Arts & Science Champion - Reign of Edouard II and Genevieve II
  • Chancellor - Reign of Nigel I and Adrielle I
  • Chancellor - Reign of Nigel II and Adrielle II
  • Trillium Signet



Order of the Laurel - November 5th, 2022 Order of the Pelican - October 30th, 2021

Other Activities

Matilda is the head of Hound Hall. She has two greyhounds, TJ and Beans, who have inspired her to spend a lot of time researching medieval hunting, resulting in a feast in the 14th-century style, based on the parts of the hunt (Apparently, it was yummy). She also loves to try pretty much anything and will happily join whichever experiment is ongoing, especially if it involves fire and gin.

In addition to her many awards listed above, Matilda claims to have an Award of Legs (just need a torso and a head to complete the whole set!) She has also been a winner of Kingdom Pentathlon.

Matilda's full achievement of arms. Artist unknown.
Freihern Matilda of Swynford.
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