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Lucia de Enzinas


Baroness Lucia de Enzinas, OL is a noble in the court of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the mid to late 16th century. Land hungry tyrant, or champion of the people, only history will decide.

Baroness Lucia de Enzinas, OL, is also a 11th Century/Iron age Curonian (Kursi) from a Baltic tribe focused in and around Lithuania-Latvia boarder.


Lucia currently resides in the Canton of Caldrithig, within the Barony of Skraeling Althing.


  • Device: Azure, an escallop and on a chief argent three cinquefoils azure.
  • Badge: (Fieldless) a sprig of medlar fructed proper. (not approved yet)

Office and Appointments

Current Office

Past Offices

SCA History

Lucia joined the Society sometime around 2000. She was apprenticed to Mistress Siglinde Harfnerstochter, and is married to Baron Giovanni de Enzinas. She has two apprentices: Master Brand Thorwaldsen, OP, OL, and Lord Eoin MacAlpin with whom she pledges to enable (with kindness).



Other Activities

Contact Information

Lucia can be reached by email.

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Arms: Azure, an escallop and on a chief argent three cinquefoils azure.
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