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Kráku-Hallr Gunnarsson (called Seamus)


Kráku-Hallr Gunnarsson (he/him) is a Norse–Gael, born in the late 9th century on a large steading near the bay in Katanes, on the northeast tip of Alba (specifically the village of Wick, in Caithness, modern-day Scotland).

He is the first of his family to be born on these lands. His father, Gunnar Snorrisson, hailed from the village of Skogn on the southern shore of the Trondheimsfjorden, some ways in from the central coast of Norway. Gunnar Snorrisson was a styrsman and sea trader, and later served as steading headman. He named his son Jakkob, but since the boy had loved the birds since his youth, he soon became known as ‘Crow-Caller’. His mother Maighread was a local girl, born of a Scotti father and a mother who descended from the painted people. She often called Kraku-Hallr by his Gaelic name, Seamus.

In his youth Seamus took to the sea, trading with relatives in Norway and Iceland. He may have joined in a raid or two at some point, but that was long ago. He is past sixty years now, and lives quietly on the family steading with his wife, three grown children and, so far, four strong grandchildren. Seamus loves the land and what it gives to them. He does passable work with leather, repairing shoes, making harness and such.

Some friends think he has the Sight, but Seamus sees it as just being a good listener. They all think he talks too much.


Kráku-Hallr currently resides in the Incipient Shire of Champcorbeau.


  • Device: Argent, a crow volant to sinister chief, on a chief gules two mullets Or.

Offices and Appointments

Current Office(s)

Past Office(s)

SCA History

Seamus was introduced to the society by friends in the Middle Kingdom. He is a member of the Bardic College of Ealdormere, and is a Pursuivant with the Ealdormere College of Heralds. Seamus is proud to serve as Skald to the Nordan Raben (Northern Ravens), a warband based in the Middle Kingdom. Seamus is pleased to serve as a Contracted Student to Freihern Matilda of Swynford.



Other Activities

If you see Seamus at an event and you need safety or comfort, just go to him.

Contact Information

Facebook: Shaymus Gunn

YouTube Channel: Seamus Gunn

Arms: Argent, a crow volant to sinister chief, on a chief gules two mullets Or.
Lord Kráku-hallr Gunnarsson (called Seamus).
Symbol of the Nordan Raben Warband.
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