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Kaðlín Konálsdottir


Born to a landholder, Kaðlín Konálsdottir was raised to take over the position when her mother died. She was taught the arts of women by her mother, and the craft of men by her father. She found herself less and less interested in taking over the household, preferring the freedom of the sea and land, so at the age of sixteen Kaðlín set out on her own.

She begged, borrowed, and worked her way across the islands, dressed as a man, until she reached the Islands of the Dal Riata. From there she managed to find a position on a vessel headed for the mainland. During the crossing a storm blew the ship off course, coming ashore in the western lands of the Saxons of Northumbria.

In a new land with little to her name, Kaðlín kept the guise of a man and found work in local settlements using the skills she had learned from her parents. She learned the language of the people and adopted their manners and clothing. In time she worked her way to a small village where she set herself up as a merchant, a craftsman, joined the local militia, and became accepted as a free member of society.


Kaðlin currently resides in the Barony of Skraeling Althing, in the former lands of Harrowgate Heath.


  • Device: Per bend Or and vert, a fox salient to sinister proper, a bordure embattled argent.

Offices and Appointments

Current Office

Kaðlin currently holds no offices.

Past Office

SCA History

Kaðlin first joined the SCA in Janurary, 2011. Her first event was Break the Back of Winter (2011) in the Canton of Greyfells, where she entered her first Arts and Sciences contest.

Her first token was the infamous Bunny Tail, awarded at Spring Crown Tournament, 2011 in the Canton of Caldrithig.

Kaðlin is married to Lord Cennédig of Flichesburg.


Major Interests (in alphabetical order):

  • Naalbinding - self taught using the internet and a few modern pamphlets.
  • Research - the Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age cultures of Britain. Their buildings, food, garb, textiles, farming techniques, etc. I am especially interested in the Pre-Roman cultures and migration of the Norse through the British Isles.
  • Tablet weaving - self taught using Candace Crockett, Peter Collingwood, and the internet.
  • Woodworking - All aspects from turning to shipbuilding, though I tend to focus on more portable projects. Currently researching the Mastermyr chest and it's tools.

Minor Interests (in alphabetical order):

  • Animal Husbandry - as it relates to the food of the Bronze age people.
  • Blacksmithing - specifically wood working tool making.
  • Bonework - interested in some jewellery pieces but mostly interested in the making and use of tools of bone.
  • Cooking - spices, herbs, and general everyday people's meals. I especially am interested in the experimental archaeology of food from pre-Roman times, Norse migration era, etc.
  • Embroidery - As it applies to my persona or camp goods.
  • Experimental Archeology - I feel that modern restudies and recreation of past finds can teach us a lot and maybe even change the history books as they are currently written. I think this is especially so in respects to cooking and building.
  • Garb Making - Norse, Gaelic, and Anglo-Saxon
  • Bronze Age Textiles - this mostly relates to my interest in naalbinding, weaving, and sewing for personal garb.
  • Armoured Combat Retired due to infirmary.
  • Teaching or sharing my knowledge of anything listed above


Other Activities

She teaches wood carving at some Summer Fight Practices, and is planning classes for weaving, naalbinding, and circlet making.

Kaðlin is the “Dedicated Feast Monkey” for Summer Siege.

Arms: Per bend Or and vert, a fox salient to sinister proper, a bordure embattled argent.
Kaðlin Konálsdottir.
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