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Jéhanne de Bretagne


Jéhanne Tremaclou, dite la Bretonne, is a 12th-century Breton woman. Born under the watchful eyes of the ermine in 1162, by a day of winter as cold as to frost mead, Jéhanne's mother gave birth in their blessed home, just around the corner the Trehouard road leading to the old motte de Sant-Servan.

From her home, it was possible to see the sea and the island fortress of Sant-Maloù, and the turbulent little girl that she was often climbed to the roof of her house to see the great island were the dreaded Viking heathen were defeated attacking the ramparts so long ago trying to attack the walled city. Britanny is the cradle of the greatest mariners this world has seen, proud inheritors of their Celtic roots, never forced to bow down to invaders and always looking for mischief.

Her father, cadet of a family of mariners, made his fortune ploughing the seas, going from place to place, transporting all the sort of goods that need to be exchanged. Sometimes, he asked reverence from the merchants of our enemies, all in the name of our city and with the blessed approval of the Duke of Brittany of course. A born adventurer, as strong as the oak that form the bordage of their ships he defended the land and, during the siege of Rennes in 1156, he distinguished himself and received nobility and land from Duke Conan IV dit “le Noir” of the house of Penthievre for his reward.

Jéhanne's mother was born Occitan. She came of Lemotges from a family of enamel merchant. She lovingly raised her family through those uncertain times. To Jéhanne, she is like the lighthouse at the end of the rue de Dinan: strong, tall, and nurturing, showing the way home and as sweet as the honey from the abbey of Sant-Servan.

As for Jéhanne herself, she takes care of our holdings at home. By now a Lady dreaming of tall and strong Scots but still a turbulent little girl touched by the Korrigans at heart. She travels the world as she can in search of new knowledge and adventures.


Jéhanne currently lives in the East Kingdom. She resided in the Shire of Bastille du Lac, from 2012 to 2018. Before that, she was a native of the Barony of Castle Rouge, in Northshield.


  • Device: Argent, a lymphad proper sails set and flagged gules issuant from a ford proper, a chief gules ermined argent.

Offices and Appointments

Current Office

  • Jéhanne currently holds no office.

Past Offices

SCA History

Jéhanne joined the Society in 2011, first playing in Castle Rouge before arriving in Ealdormere. She was first a student to Mistress Aurelia Gabriana for 10 months in 2014, before being taken as an apprentice in October. She is also an Aprentigee to Posadnitsa Xristina Viacheslavova.



Other Activities

Jéhanne is a Member of the White Wolf Fian.

Jéhanne is “Prisoner of strange habits taken from another life, I like to volunteer for anything and everything. I have been known for cooking a few feast and doing entourage in the service of our kingdom.”

Trying to keep up with my two sisters and my Mistresses… with very little success.

Trying to keep out of trouble and out of sight… with even less success.“

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Arms: Argent, a lymphad proper sails set and flagged gules issuant from a ford proper, a chief gules ermined argent.
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