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Jane Caldwell


The Honourable Lady Jane Caldwell was born in 1507 and plays in the year 1534.

From 1524 to 1537, Scotland and England enjoyed a warming relationship between James V and Henry VIII. Once bitter enemies became tepid friends. A ceremonial marriage, to commemorate the improved relations, was arranged between a Scottish Lord and an English maiden of noble birth.Such began the improbable romance between Thomas Caldwell and Jane Kyner.

The pair quickly grew close and very fond of each other. When Jane despaired at the cold and wet lands, Thomas happily moved her and their household to the southern part of Devonshire, where Jane grew up.

The pair were invited to court, where the Scot and his English bride were considered a novelty. Jane began work as a Lady-in-Waiting to the Princess Mary. In 1533, after the marriage of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, the Princess Mary became the Lady Mary and her household was dissolved. Jane transferred to the household of the Princess Elizabeth but kept an eye on Mary who now lived with her half sister.

In 1537, when James V married Mary of Guise, tensions flared once again between Scotland and England. Jane and Thomas were forced to leave court as the King grew cold to their presence. They left England to go back to their Scottish manor in Renfrewshire. Jane again was trapped in the gloom of the Scottish moors. The dark days left her depressed and disturbed. In 1540, Jane drowned herself in a nearby river, leaving her husband bereft. The couple bore no children.


Jane currently resides in the Canton of Caldrithig in the Barony of Skraeling Althing.


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SCA History

Jane joined the SCA in 2011. She is currently apprenticed to Mistress Siglinde Harfnerstochter.



Jane's Arts & Sciences Blog can be found here.

Device: Per chevron azure and purpure, an owl between in chief two feathers argent.
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