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Helen of Greyfells


Dame Helen exists in the 14th Century in England and France, all at once. Sometimes rich and sometimes a peasant. Sometimes even time traveling. Perhaps she is actually Dr Who?


Helen currently resides in the Canton of Caldrithig in the Barony of Skraeling Althing.


Helen's heraldry looks like a Green Cotehardie, with a golden surcoat on top. The Surcoat has 4 Emerald Lozenges on it for buttons. Sadly, I have never made this outfit. But there is still time.

Current Office(s)

None! Hurrah!

Past Offices

  • I have been Canton Chatelaine in the past, a job I enjoyed. Now I can't stop and pester the Chatelaine to let me help whenever I can.
  • I have been Canton and Baronial Seneschal in the past. I enjoyed these jobs less. I don't believe I will do them again.

SCA History

There was a very cute graduate student behind the SCA table at Queen's University Clubs night in 1990. Then I met a bunch of interesting people and never left.


  • make lists on the Ealdowiki :-)
  • Costuming
  • Demos
  • Hiking and Pilgrimage
  • Cooking
  • Camping


I am particularly pleased by

Other Activities

I have three charming apprentices of whom I am very proud. They are wonderful women and I learn so much from them

Contact Information

There is a clickable link on the website below


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