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Gregor Trost


Drotin Gregor Trost is a 12th-century German serving in as a varangoi (a Varangian Guardsman) of the Eastern Roman Empire.

Gregor was born in Saxony in the early 12th century. Gregor's father was a ministerialis, an unfree knight, who had married a Swedish woman from the lesser nobility. Gregor was tutored by his mother and father in literacy, local history, and trained in combat, as befitted his station. As a young man, his lessons turned towards statecraft; his interest, however, went elsewhere. Gregor would often seek out his own tutors, skilled craftsmen or fighters to share their trade.

Gregor's retreat from statecraft was however in vain. His maternal grandfather fell ill - and as custom in his mother's homeland, she was to inherit the small village that her family held. Gregor was sent to Sweden to take his mother's place. Soon after, Gregor's grandfather passed, leaving him alone to govern. Quickly, he appointed a prominent and wise local man to be his council, and to deal with matters of state. Originally as a temporary fix due to his inexperience and lack of interest in the area, Gregor soon came to trust his councilor to handle all matters that didn't have to do directly with his people or their local fighting men.

As Gregor became a man, he came to know the heart of these people that were previously alien to him. Their legends, values, and culture began to become his own. On days of celebration, his heart was emboldened by the deeds of his new-found ancestors. The other men his age became restless - as all do - and began to search for a purpose; a destiny. Some took upon trades, found wives, joined his standing force. Some left to become mercenaries.

Gregor envied them the most. They were free to choose adventure, and go chase a destiny that he himself was never free to choose. Gregor had been shipped off without a second thought, to sit upon a seat and speak for the rest of his days. Gregor gave his men an announcement; he was leaving for Miklagard, Constantinopolis. Any of his men were welcome to join him, and take the glory that they deserved. Gregor left his advisor to govern his people and lead a small group of like men south to the heart of The Eastern Empire. There, Gregor and the eight men he brought with him entered the service of Emperor John II Komnenos as one of the Varangoi, or Varangian Guard.


Gregor currently resides in the Shire of Trinovantia Nova.


  • Device: Per fess sable and azure, a wolf passant Or and a mount argent.

Current Office(s)

* Deputy Chatelaine - Trinovantia Nova

SCA History

Gregor joined the SCA in June of A.S. 55 (2020), during the time of the Great Plague.

Gregor, along with his fiancée, won the “Newcomers'” category for the December court's Plague Projects for maille-making, armouring, and making of a pell.



Arms: Per fess sable and azure, a wolf passant Or and a mount argent.
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