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Fulk Beauxarmes


Lord Fulk Beauxarmes is an errant Gascon condottiero seeking deeds of arms, renown and the exaltation of his Lady during the middle years of the Hundred Years War.


Formerly a resident of the Canton of Petrea Thule, in the Barony of Septentria, Fulk now risedes in the Barony of Rising Waters.


  • Device: Vert, a maunche within a bordure argent.

Offices and Appointments

Current Office

  • Fulk currently holds no office.

Past Offices

SCA History

In A.S. 47 he was nominated for a William Blackfox Award for “Best Written contribution to a Kingdom Newsletter.”

At War of the Trillium in A.S. 48 he hosted a Deed of Arms called the Passo Honroso, based on a 15th-century deed by the Spanish knight:Suero de Quiñones.



Vert, a Maunche Within a Bordure Argent - Fulk's personal Blog, which frequently touches on the SCA.

Arms: Vert, a maunche within a bordure argent.
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