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Florian DeXiphias


Florian DeXiphias is a 16th-century Frenchman, born in 1566 to a shipping and merchant family on the southern coast of France. As the second of five children he was thus expected to help run the shipping business. Unfortunately Florian was not inclined toward shipping, packing, contract seeking or finance management. He preferred instead to indulge his follies by shirking work and education to play music. His goal, in fact, was nothing less than to write the greatest song in the world. Due to this, and other… interpersonal tensions, he left home at the age of seventeen to seek his fortune. This was not as successful as he'd hoped, for though Florian was a passable singer and musician, he was no serious genius and had trouble making his way as a professional artist. His family grew more and more convinced of his uselessness and, with the exception of the oldest brother, gradually cut ties with him. Florian would be greatly dependent on the generosity of this brother in the coming years.

As business opportunities in the New World grew, it became apparent that a business branch on the other side of the Atlantic would be advantageous. Leaving their oldest son in charge of the business at home, the rest of the family migrated to New France in 1585. Florian, of course, stayed behind.

Florian's young adult years were spent struggling to make it as a musician traveling the French countryside, and working farm jobs along the way. He gained a great appreciation of the land in doing so, and made many fast friends playing in taverns at night. France's farmers, however, could not afford to do more than feed him day-to-day and at times could not even afford to employ him for room and board. Seeking a living, Florian eventually migrated to Italy.

After what was now over a year on the road, he began to get rather desperate. Florian eventually accepted a position in a low-level mercenary group and was taught the basics of Italian rapier defense (street fight version). He proved effective at petty theft and break-ins, but could not bring himself to execute targets when it was required. Playing music for petty change by day, stealing by night, and sharing a hide-out with the mercenary gang, Florian was able to sustain himself in one place for nearly a year and six months. In this time, he befriended nearly every actor, gypsy, student, dancer and brothel girl within five miles of his temporary home.

The mercenary group gradually gained some notoriety in the black market and was sought for more prestigious projects. A noble woman of some import eventually hired them to slay a business partner who had slighted her both in love and in commercial enterprise. The bounty for this job was to be substantial. However, at the end of the night, Florian's inability to stomach a good killing caused him to sabotage the mission. The group was not caught, but neither were they paid, and Florian was fired therefore.

Finding himself again without work, but with increased skills in the realms of stealth, music, and sword fighting, he was able to migrate back to France in relatively better shape than he'd been when he set out 3 years prior. What little wealth he had accumulated, he was largely able to keep because he could defend himself against bandits on the road. He made it back to his home town where his brother was still running the shipping business.

Florian pleaded with his brother to hire him, though he hadn't learned the skills of the trade. He claimed repentance for his criminal career and explained that he hoped get to the New World to re-unite and reconcile with the family. These requests were accepted.

Even working as a shipper, Florian was known to be just a little bit lazy. This was tolerated well enough, for his brother had a soft soul, and workers' spirits were lifted by Florian's singing. If he contributed to the business at all, it was mainly by setting the pace of work through music.

In 1589, Florian was finally brought to the shores of New France. He was welcomed by all of his family except for his father, who died that same year. For sometime after, he made a fair living packing, advertising and running errands for the business. He took an immediate interest in the native peoples who did business with them along the St. Laurence (Huron, later Cree, Algonquin and Ojibwa peoples), seeking knowledge of their languages and ways not only for business, but out of pure interest.

At age 26, Florian was orally fluent in French, English, and various dialects in the Algonquian language group. Though it fell out of use, he even retained some of his Italian. This was not entirely out of ordinary for a man of the time, but it did make him somewhat more employable to cross-cultural business and diplomatic ends.

This is the situation now. What will he do next?


Florian currently resides in the Canton of Caldrithig, within the Barony of Skraeling Althing.


Florian does not currently have registered Heraldry.

Offices and Appointments

Current Office

SCA History

Florian began training in rapier combat in the Winter of 2015, and joined the local choir group the following Fall. He has since been broadening his horizons and making friends.



Other Info

Some random facts about Florian's persona:

  • Florian swings his sword both ways.
  • Florian is a Catholic believer, but not a very good one.
  • Florian learned to play the bodhran from French speaking Irish immigrants in New France.
  • Florian is but 5 feet tall.

Spotting Florian

Florian happens to be a rather diminutive man, who is routinely mistaken for a woman. Do not let this fool you. Address Florian in the masculine unless you'd like your trousers cut off in Italian rapier style.

He is often seen wearing a maroon coloured poofy hat with a blue feather pinned to one side.

Contact Information

You can contact Florian by sending an e-pigeon to — Florian DeZiphias or by searching Lexiane Vanasse (Florian) on Facebook.

You can use the populace badge if you do not have heraldry.
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