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Fáelán Ruadh ua Aodha

of The Whitstone Isle


Tigerna ('lord') Fáelán Ruadh ua Aodha (called Ruadh) is an early period Pictish/Dál Riatan persona that hops between the time periods of 600 CE (10600 HE, the Migration Period); 150 CE (10150 HE, the Classical Period); and 3000 BCE (7001 HE, the Neolithic/Bronze Age Period).


Ruadh currently resides on Manitoulin Island, within the lands of the Shire of Ulfheim; however, she and her lord Aethelbert play in the Canton of Northgaetham, in the Barony of Ramshaven.


  • Badge: (Fieldless) on a wolf's head countourney erased gules, a compass star argent.
  • Badge:(Fieldless) On a hurst vert a foi per pale argent and Or.

Offices and Appoinments

Current Office

Ruadh currently holds no offices.

Past Appointments

SCA History

Ruadh came across the SCA via friend who had participated in the past. The topic intrigued her, and after seeking it out online, she attempted to make contact with the most local group to no avail. This prompted her to reach further afield in the broader area of the Kingdom, where she was contacted in 2014 (Anno Societatis XLIX [49]) by Sibylla of Glyndmere and Mjoll Ulfsdottir of the then nascent Canton of Northgaetham - the next closet group to where she resides. Mjoll sought what particulars of the SCA had interested Ruadh most and, with that information highly recommended that FOOL (Fruits Of Our Labour) be her and Aethelbert's first event. As their interests were keenly about learning pre-industrial technology and skills, FOOL was deemed a good match, as the event is all about the crafts and skills.

Wanting to make sure she had a good start of it, Ruadh made herself and her family garb, while Aethelbert made them leather long belts and guillie shoes (aka bog shoes). The FOOL event had everything Ruadh had hoped for: all the different skills of the time laid out for anyone to put their hand to. In short, she was hooked. Her excellency Baronesses Sybilla of Ramshaven was impressed by how much they got into taking on the garb of the time for their first event that she gifted Ruadh and Aethelbert copper Ramshaven rings, which they wear as much as they can ever since.

Ruadh's second event - Baron's Brouhaha - was most eventful, for as the night rolled into the wee hours of the morning, a mighty storm with gale-force winds blew down virtually every tent and pandemonium reigned. Because Ruadh happened to have stayed up that night, she managed to witness the whole thing as it unfolded. This prompted a song presented the following year,"The Storm at Glyndmere Hall" to commemorate that event. Events since haven't been as adventurous, but all have been enjoyable, with great company to make it even better.


Ruadh has many, many interests in the Society. She is primarily interested in all non-metal based technology, the skills to make them, and the lifestyle of that technological level.

Intermediate interests (Things she “can do a decent job at”):

“Not as Green” Interests (Things she's “got the hang of”):

Novice Interests (New to Her):

Interests to Eventually Learn:


Other Activities

When Ruadh and Aethelbert recieved their Guidons du Sang in AS 50 from Their Excellences Penda and Sybilla of Ramshaven, the following words were written by their Court Herald Joffr Rödson:

“Many songs ECHO in our feast halls, but a song comes to us from far afield. A song of a good noble woman who tames fire as if it were a beast! And of a man who wrought shoes strong enough to walk across the fire to be with her. Skills and songs such as these deserve recognition. Thus do we Penda and Sybilla, Baron and Baroness of Ramshaven do award you each a Guidon to hang in our esteemed meadhall on this day Anno Societas 50.”

The fire taming was in reference to Ruadh's fire keeping a bonfire at Baron's Brouhaha - what she had figured was average sized by the standards of her rearing, but was considered very large by everyone else. Incidentally, “ua Aodha” means “descendant of fire”.

Later that same year they went to Wassail, hosted by the Canton of Bryniau Tywynnog, which was themed “Who Let the Krampus Out, And Other Reindeer Games”. Ruadh had decided to run with the theme and make and don some digitigrade legs that she'd always wanted in a costume, as well as a pair of horns, a pull over hood with ears and mask, and hooves. She decided at the time not to change for court. This led to the glorious spectacle of being called into Court in costume to recieve her Award of Arms.

Contact Information

Ruadh can be contacted by email.

Badge: (Fieldless) on a wolf's head countourney erased gules, a compass star argent.
Badge: (Fieldless) On a hurst vert a foi per pale argent and Or.
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