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Emelote of Calais


Lady Emelote of Calais (widow) currently resides south of London on her father's wool farming estates as she learns the family business in the Company of Merchants of the Staple in Calais. She travels between their estate, London and Calais learning the trade and researching about diversifying in imported fabrics.

Times are prosperous in King Henry VIII's England, in 1530's and her ability to increase her families profits has had her father give her increased responsibilities with the business.

Her Mother will not be outdone with her learning business, but also encourages her in the running of the household, and learning the proper domestic arts.

Her Mother's hard work in teaching her child has landed her a husband. He was of a fine Mercantile family, but unfortunately, in 1533 he passed away from a sickness caught when he was traveling back from Calais. So Emelote and her young Daughter must continue the family business for both her father and her husband.

While on her travels to Calais, she met a Japanese man traveling with one of her merchants. He is very interesting and she is curious about his homeland of Japan. Someday she will crack the very stoic exterior of this man named Saito Takahiro. If someone meets him (he is very hard to find) he will talk a lot about archery.


Emelote currently resides in the Barony of Skraeling Althing.


  • Device: Sable, a decrescent and a chief fleury counter fleury argent semy-de-lis sable. (registered 2017)
  • Badge: Per bend sinister sable and argent, a decrescent and a fleur-de-lys within a bordure all counterchanged. (registered 2017)

Current Office(s)

Emelote currently holds no offices.

Past Offices

SCA History

Emelote was first introduced to the SCA from a TV Program called Adrienne Clarkson Presents in which she followed the King and Queen of Ealdormere to Pennsic (1998). At the time she had no idea what the SCA was and searched on what little was available online. She found the Canton of Caldrithig and attended one meeting. She attended her first feast in 1999 and recalls the food was amazing. It wouldn't be until a chance meeting at a party in 2007 that would forever change her.

That meeting had her fall into the realm of historical cooking and never looking back!

Emelote enjoys serving the crown as entourage when she isn't in the kitchen. She also likes to provide her time in helping people increase their sewing, cooking skills or showing interested public what we do in the SCA. She has taught classes at Practicum (2010, 2011, & 2017) and always loves to have informal discussions on various topics.

She is married to Lord Saito Takahiro. She and THL Avelyn Wexcombe of Great Bedwyn along with THL Dafydd ap Alan run the Inn of the Surly Mermaid.

She is apprenticed to Mistress Jhone of Woodcote.

She is a member of Clan Talfryn Twyllth.



Emelote entered and won her first Pentathlon competition in March 2017. Her entry was themed “The Common and Everyday” which included: Hooks, Eyes and Pins; 4 Seasonal Pottages; Complete set of Children's clothing based on Pieter Bruegel the Elder's Children's Games Painting; woven sampler of a Perugia towel; and Rushlights. She also won the following prizes: Princess' Choice prize; the Baron and Baroness of Skraeling Althing's Coronet's Choice: Lapine; and the Jolly Good Cheer prize from the Jolly Procrastinators.

She is the current Kingdom Arts & Sciences Champion.

Emelote has participated in the Trillium Exchange in 2016 and is excited to be one of the upcoming Admins. Her exchange will be the spring of 2018.

Emelote has had the opportunity to assist The Tudor Tailor in the reprint of the Queen's Servants which was republished in the fall of 2016.

Emelote had the opportunity to cook with the historians at Hampton Court Palace for the weekend food demonstrations for the public in the Summer of 2015.

Emelote is a member of Royal Guild of Ealdormerian Feast Cooks. She has had recipes in the 2018 Guild Calendar (September: A Pottage of Roysons), 2017 Guild Calendar (December: Sauge) and 2016 Guild Calendar (January: Tarte Owte of Lent).

Emelote's cooking experience includes serving as co-feastocrat at Hallowmas in Harrowgate Heath in 2007; co-lunch steward at Feast of the Hare in 2009 (with proceeds going to fund Baronial campsite improvements); Feastocrat at Border Spat in 2012 doing thirty dishes in celebration of the Barony of Skraeling Althing's 30th Anniversary; as Master of the Kitchen for the Tudor A&S Display Feast for Kingdom Arts & Sciences in March 2016; Tavern Cook for the Fall Pilgrim's Practice in October 2016 and her national TV debut on the Rick Mercer Report cooking a Bacon and White Bean Pottage at Feast of the Hare November 2016. She helped create the Vigil food table for Marie L'Englois elevation March 2017 and helped in the kitchen for the Spring Coronation. For the Coronation of Quilliam & Tangwystl (April 2017), she was kitchen help (during the day) and Sewer (the Tudor go between the kitchen and serving staff) during the feast.

Emelote has entered her work in the Queen's Prize Tourney in 2016 (Breugel's Child's clothing) and 2014 (Blackwork embroidery research); the Kingdom Arts & Sciences 2017 Pentathlon Challenge (The Common and Everyday), 2014 (Demo only - research on the Goldhaube) and 2011 (Tudor Gable Hood, 2 Arabic recipes, Japanese Men's garb); Break the Back of Winter in 2009 and won the intermediate category for her Tudor Gown with Gable hood.

Fun Facts

Emelote was one of the Mouchoir Munchkins (along with Avelyn Wexcombe) for Dame TSivia bas Tamara V'Amberview's elevation to the Oder of the Pelican in 2009. There is a rumour that a song was written about them in another kingdom.


Contact Information

Emelote can be reached by email.

You can follow Emelote at the following blogs and facebook pages.

The Capricious String

The Tudor Kitchen

Emelote's A&S Challenge Page

Emelote's SCA Resume

Arms: Sable, a decrescent and a chief fleury counter fleury argent semy-de-lis sable.
Lady Emelote of Calais in a Gable Hood (2014)
Badge: Per bend sinister sable and argent, a decrescent and a fleur-de-lys within a bordure all counterchanged.
Lady Emelote of Calais (2018)
Lady Emelote of Calais (2018)
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