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Eithne ingen Uí Ragnaill (Enya)


Lady Eithne ingen Uí Ragnaill is a Norse–Gael (mixed Gaelic and Norse ancestry and culture) woman from Waterford, in Gaelic Ireland (Éire Ghaidhealach), and was born in the latter half of the second Viking age (914-980). Eithne is correctly pronounced AYTH-n^@, where <n^> stands for the sound of <gn> as in <lasagna>, and <@> stands for the sound of <a> in <sofa>, but is commonly anglicized to Enya and could be pronounced as AIN-ya. For simplicity, she goes by Enya.

Enya is presumed to be a female descendant, or of the clan of Ragnall ua Ímair. Ragnall ua Ímair (Rögnvaldr or Rægnald) was a Viking leader who ruled Northumbria and the Isle of Man in the early 10th century. He was a grandson of Ímar and a member of the Uí Ímair (or House of Ivar), the most powerful Norse–Gaelic dynasty. After being expelled from Dublin in 902, he moved on to Scotland and England. He did have a number of successful Viking raids and battles in Ireland over the following years, and returned to Waterford to install himself as King in 917. He went on to Scotland a year later (presumably placing a deputy in control), and then conquered York and became king there.

Enya's line is thought to have started during Ragnall's short time as King in Waterford, where he had dalliances with several Irish women. Her mother was a bandruí (“woman-druid”), and Enya was likely named after the mythological Eithne, who was mother to Lugh, a powerful Irish deity after which the pagan harvest festival Lughnasadh was named. Enya is a practicing pagan, who honours the Solar and Celtic Fire festivals of her mother. While Enya mainly follows a druidic path and reveres the Tuatha De Danann, she also pays homage to many of the Gods of her Norse heritage, and has strongly resisted the Christian conversion that has been taking over the country.


Enya resides in the heart of the Shire of Trinovantia Nova.


  • Device: Per bend vert and sable, a ferret erect and three crescents argent.

Offices and Appoinments

Current Offices

SCA History

Enya is a member of Hexenhaus and Harpy Hall, as well as the Yeomen of the Wolf.


Enya enjoys target archery, games of all kinds, and will frequently be seen knitting. Her favourite activity in the SCA is thrown weapons, and she is a Thrown Weapons Marshal for the Shire of Trinovantia Nova.

She dabbles in:

Enya is also planning on learning some new things in the near future, including:

Regular Events

Enya regularly attends all the camping events close to the Shire of Trinovantia Nova. When she is not out and about at classes, archery, or thrown weapons, you will normally find her camped or grouped with her household Hexenhaus within the larger household of Harpy Hall at the following events:

Enya is also interested in attending the following events in the future:


Contact Information

Enya can be reached by email.

Arms: Per bend vert and sable, a ferret sejant erect and three crescents argent.
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