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Einar Inn Austrifara Josepsson


Einar Inn Austrifara Josepsson is a dishevelled Norseman who often looks like he just crawled out of a ditch (and not a fancy sort of ditch). He is father to Nemy the Non-Speaking and Oz of Petrea Thule. Typically, Einar can be found doing as little as possible but you can sometimes find him with a knife or axe in his hands, carving a spoon. Ég gera aðeins Htlutina.


Einar currently resides in the Canton of Petrea Thule, in the Barony of Septentria.


  • Device: Vert, a raven Or, on a chief embattled argent, two wooden bowls proper.

Offices and Appoinments

Current Office

Allowing Einar to hold office would be a poor idea. Einar therefore currently holds no offices.

SCA History

Einar's very first exposure to the SCA came via “wing-night” at Trillies in 2012. His youngest and he were on site for about four hours - she was HOOKED! A few weeks later, he found myself rolling towards something called Pennsic (without the girls). Since that time, Einar has his ups and (very serious) downs. He likes wearing weird clothes and hanging out in camp. He loathes politics (though he finds himself oddly drawn to it), especially when it mixes with the awards system.


Einar dabbles in woodworking/carving/turning. Lately, he seems to be making a lot of glass beads; and, while he has made garb and woven trim, fibre arts are not something he enjoys - although, embroidery has something of a meditative property to it. Basically, Einar likes to see other people making things and if he can offer encouragement or teach what he knows, he will do so.


Other Activities

Are napping and scurrying around like a squirrel on meth, activities? (Dietrich says: Only if heralding a court once makes you a herald…)

Contact Information

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Arms: Vert, a raven Or, on a chief embattled argent, two wooden bowls proper.
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