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Eeva the Restless


Eeva the Restless is a 10th-century Norse woman.


Eeva's home canton is the Canton of Skeldergate, in the Barony of Septentria.


  • Device: Per pale purpure and argent, a candle fesswise lit at both ends counter changed.

Offices and Appointments

Current Office

Past Offices

SCA History

Eeva joined the SCA in 2011. She was Protégéd to Master Gunther in November, 2013 and taken as an Apprentice to Patrika Aurelia Gabriana in June of 2015. As a result, she is Protege Belt Sister to Master Eirik, Lord Willmar, Lady Arndis, & Magistra Sciath and Apprentice sisters with Lady Kasia Haapalainen, THLady Jehanne Bretagne, and Baroness Anneke the Furious.



Other Activities

Eeva's good friend Tanon the Barbarian now fights for her in Crown Tournaments. Eeva was fought for bravely in Crown Tournaments by Jack Mungo the Pyrate Lord (and Barbarian).

Eeva has autocrated a staggering number of events, including:

She's also been Land and Parking Co-ordinator War of the Trillium 2018, Gate Volunteer (Murder Melee 2016; War of the Trillium 2012, 2013,2015, 2016,2017, 2018; and Septentrian 12th Night 2015); Sanitation Volunteer (War of the Trillium 2012 & 2013); and Feast Staff (Tournoi du Coeur de Glace 2016; and Pikeman's Pleasure 2015)

Contact Information

Eeva can be contacted by email.

Arms: Per pale purpure and argent, a candle fesswise lit at both ends counter changed.
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