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Dorothea af Holm


Dorothea af Holm is a fisherman's widow. She is from Holm, a tiny island fishing village granted a special fishing charter by King Christian I of Denmark to fish the Schlei (a fjord). The nearest large town is Schlesvig, home of St. Peter's Cathedral and Schloss Gottorf, and if Dorothea went into the big town, sometimes she saw the Duke and Duchess of Schlesvig and their entourage going by. In the past, Norsemen settled the area at Hedeby before crossing the water and settling in Schlesvig, so she sometimes dug up 'Viking' items when she's worked in the garden. Her husband drowned in the Schlei, and she finds herself needing to do whatever she can to make ends meet. Her house has flowers in window boxes out front, facing the cobblestone street and the cemetery in the centre of town, while out back her yard slopes down to the water; the boat that that used to be moored there sold for rent money. She is a devout Christian woman, and brings goodies to the St. Johannes cloister in her village, and would be horrified to learn that some of her daily rituals and superstitions have deep roots in old Norse Pagan beliefs and practices. She has left her tiny town and all the people she knows to travel the 'wide world' and learn what skills she can, to bring back home and thereby support herself.


Dorothea currently resides within the boundaries of the Barony of Ramshaven.


  • Device: Gules, an eel-fork and on a chief argent an eel sable.
  • Badge: (Fieldless), An eel-fork argent.

Offices and Appointments

Current Offices

SCA History

Dorothea joined the Society in May 2018.

She is a novice of the Royal Ealdormere Moneyers Guild.



Contact Information

Dorothea can currently be reached by sending a message in a bottle across the Schlei, or email.

Arms: Gules, an eel-fork and on a chief argent an eel sable
Badge: (Fieldless) An eel-fork argent.
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