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Dalin Caulder


Lord Dalin Caulder is a 16th-century Scot. He was born in the mid 16th Century; in a small hut just outside of Cawdor, Scotland. He spent most his childhood working the fields and hunting around Cawdor with his mother. His Mother was a British traveller that his father met while working on various trade ships around Northern Europe.

Dalin began his adult life as a young deck hand with his father, and much like his father enjoyed the travel and adventure that came along with working at sea. In 1579 Dalin's Father was killed during a pirate raid, while Dalin and the crew were press ganged into service for 4 years. Dalin eventually escaped with a small batch of his mates and began working aboard the good ship Crimson Star. Dalin is a long standing member of Crimson Star and currently serves as it's first mate under Captain Mateo de Merida.

Dalin has long served the de Merida Household and its patriarch, Captain Mateo de Merida. Dalin is a member of the Academia Xiphias, a reputable school of defense located primarily in Skraeling Althing, in Eastern Ealdormere.

Dalin has been known to visit the Lowlands of Scotland associating with the local Riever Clans that reside there.


Dalin currently resides in the Stronghold of Tor Brant, in the Barony of Skraeling Althing. He also for a very short time was living in the village of Ignace, in the Shire of Mare Amethystinum, Northshield and started his SCA journey in the Shire of Trinovantia_Nova.


Dalin currently has no heraldry. Though he has submitted samples to the College of Heralds.

Offices and Appointments

Current Offices

Past Offices

SCA History

Dalin began his life in the SCA in the fall of 2004. He joined the Trinovantia Nova group through a mutual friend and began attending rapier practices regularly. He joined the Crimson Star in around 2005/6 shortly after being authorized and was picked up by his friend Mateo De Merida as a student of defense.

Dalin joined the crew of the Crimson Star in 2006 and has since served as the first mate, under Captain Mateo de Merida.

In 2008 due to a relocating Archery Marshal, Dalin took it upon himself to quickly get his Marshal papers in order to continue shooting Archery in Trinovantia Nova. He performed this duty for two years, until school and other mundane life took him out of regular SCA life for a bit.

In 2015 Dalin rejoined the SCA in Northshield and shortly after relocated to Tor Brant where he has decided to re-train in the art of defense under the local Marshal Master Lars.

In 2016 Dalin began training as a Group Rapier Marshal.

In 2017 Dalin took on responsibilities as a group heavy fighting marshal in training; new heavy fighters began to pop up at rapier practice. This office was encouraged by Baron Shahid al-Hasan.

In 2018 Dalin was granted the position of Baronial Chatelaine.



Other Activities

  • Dalin is also an active student in Highland Broadsword with the Cateran Society. He is currently studying Regimental Highland Broadsword (later period 1800's)

Contact Information

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