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 ===== Activities ===== ===== Activities =====
   * Catherine is the current administrator of the EaldoWiki (June 2015 - present).   * Catherine is the current administrator of the EaldoWiki (June 2015 - present).
-  * Catherine is a Member of the Order of the [[groups:​guilds_and_orders:​White Wolf Fian]], for her work on Norse Garb from String. She completed her Fian challenge in November, 2012.  
-  * Her husband and she host a monthly A&S day at their house. Activities include scribal arts, painting, cooking, brewing, costuming, weaving, knitting, leatherworking,​ armouring, and lots of discussion. Attendance is between 5 and 50 people depending on the season. They have been hosting these A&S Days since October, 2011.  
 ===== Other ===== ===== Other =====
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 ===== External Links ===== ===== External Links =====
-  * [[http://​skraelcoronet.wordpress.com/​|Skraeling Althing Baronial Blog]] 
   * [[http://​catetown.wordpress.com/​|Personal A&S Blog]]   * [[http://​catetown.wordpress.com/​|Personal A&S Blog]]
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