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Bjǫrn Járnason


Bjǫrn Járnason is a 12th-century Nordic crusader in service of the Hospitaller Order.


Bjǫrn currently resides in the Canton of Petrea Thule.


  • Device: Sable, a comet bendwise sinister inverted, on a chief Or a gauntleted fist sable.

Current Office(s)

SCA History

Bjǫrn attended his first event in 2018 at the AlThing, where he earned the moniker ‘blood eyes’. Since then, he has been an active participant in armoured combat; doing his best to fulfill his canton officers duties; and doing a lot of hiking. Bjǫrn became a man at arms to Sir Tiberius of Warwickshire at the 2019 Trillium War; nearly a year later over Labour Day, he exchanged his blue belt for a red one, becoming Sir Tiberius' squire.



  • Scroll of Honour - July 4th, 2020 (For the making of masks, caps, and gowns during the Pandemic)
  • Award of Arms - February 1st, 2020
  • Scroll of Honour - May 4th, 2019 (For engaging in a new appointment, in a direction previously untrodden by him)

Other Activities

Contact Information

For personal matters, Bjǫrn can be contacted by email. In his role as Chatelaine, he can be reached at the Chatelain email.

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