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Ana Yanka


Ana Yanka, sometimes called Anya, does not have a defined persona. She has taken Duke Finvarr's advice to heart and opted not to constrain her interests to one time or place. She enjoys adopting Rus, Viking, Celt, Flemish, and Tudor modes of dress.


She is originally from the Kingdom of Atlantia and resided in Aethelmearc before moving to Ealdormere. She currently lives on the shore of Lake Huron within the Barony of Ramshaven.


  • Heraldry: Per chevron Vert and Sable, a Fox passant regardant Or maintaining a Skull, in chief three Jasmine flowers Argent
  • Badge: Fieldless, a Fox sejant contourny guardant proper maintaining a Skull Argent

SCA History

In 2011, Ana Yanka attended Pennsic War as her first SCA event. The following Pennsic she met her wife, Mjoll Ulfsdottir. This subsequently led her to move to Ealdormere in 2015.

She received her Orion Award at Pennsic in 2018. In the same year she entered a portfolio of illuminations in the Queen's Prize Tournament. In 2019, she entered a series of illuminations in the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Competition.

Ana Yanka has also participated in the Trillium Exchange.


She is part of Fraken Kraken. At Pennsic in 2019, Fraken Kraken was placed on the Scroll of Honour for providing hospitality following the Woods Battle.

She has previously associated with Chaos House in Aethelmearc and Chez d'Argent in Atlantia.


  • Thrown Weapons
  • Illuminated Manuscripts
  • Painting
  • Leather Working
  • Book Binding
  • Wood Carving
  • Bone Carving
  • Cooking
  • Rabbit Husbandry
  • Middle Eastern Dance


  • Sewing (any and all)


It should be noted that Ana Yanka gets embarrassed by grand gestures and being called into court. She would prefer not to be the object of attention in a social gathering.


Contact Information

Ana Yanka can be reached by email at katherinehosie@gmail.com.

Photos of Ana Yanka's work are on her Artist Facebook page: Katie Alicyn Studios

66.media.tumblr.com_9627110d6928acd974c862c34974e24a_438d069714b48a82-02_s1280x1920_c363db0f2f05045d853648e4963ecb933da59334.jpg Photo by Katie Oldfield, 2019

Hyrrokin’s County Scroll. Illumination based on: Darabnama: Tamarusa and Shapur at the Island Nigar. c. 1585-1590. The British Library. Wording by L. Evan Quicktongue.

66.media.tumblr.com_2bcc813d12b0b32d0a1178d43414f430_tumblr_ojl4koz5bk1un9ryqo1_1280.jpg Photo by Katie Oldfield, 2017

Scroll blank based on: Book of Hours, Use of Cambray. c.1401-1500, France. The National Library of France, Arsenal Library, MS-1185, f.294r

66.media.tumblr.com_f3bb4e2028b227c31cfbe69f1575416a_tumblr_o25jpwvdbs1un9ryqo3_1280.jpg Photo by Katie Oldfield, 2016

66.media.tumblr.com_54c56f3eb2ae32e99c0a989be6cb111b_tumblr_oidd50lmof1un9ryqo4_1280.jpg Photo by Katie Oldfield, 2016

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