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Amelye Merriman


The Honourable Lady Amelye Merriman (Pronounced like “Amelia”) is a late-16th century Anglo-Irish merchantwoman.


Amelye currently resides in the Shire of Trinovantia Nova.


  • Device: Vert, a hand argent and on a chief Or three roses gules

Current Office(s)

Past Offices

SCA History

Amelye first attended Kingdom Arts & Sciences in the spring of 2013, but officially joined the following summer. Amelye has since attended camping events - mostly Arts & Sciences events and local meetings - with a focus on teaching Arts & Sciences.


Textile/Fiber Arts:

Other Activities:


Other Activities

successfully challenged into White Wolf Fian (completed FOOL 2018) for Eleanor of Toledo stockings (handspun silk, dyed with cochineal, hand knit). She also won the Queen's Choice at Queen's Prize Tourney, 2018, for handknit garters.

Amelye is the Head and Founding Member of Harpy Hall. She is apprenticed to Mistress Eluned verch Angor.

Contact Information

Amelye can be reached via email.

Youtube channel with embroidery classes/tutorials: Amy Lee

Arms: Vert, a hand argent and on a chief Or three roses gules.
TH Lady Amelye Merriman
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