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Sponsored Categories for Spring A&S

The following sponsored categories have been announced

Please note that sponsors may withdraw without penalty

Prizes can be sponsored by individuals or by groups. The individual or group sponsoring must provide a gift for the winner of their sponsored prize. Prize categories must be general in category rather than specific. ie ‘hats’ instead of ‘german hats’ or ‘Best Persona Development’ not ‘Best Barbarian Pirate’.

All entries, including display, can be considered for the sponsored prizes.

Entrants in Kingdom A&S can be awarded the prize for multiple categories. Prizes will be awarded by sponsors throughout the day as decisions are made.

Cornet Sponsored

Coronet's Choice: Lapine

Individual Sponsored

Group or Guild Sponsored

  • Sponsored by: Mistress Alais de Poitiers
  • Details: This can be a project of any discipline, which is related to the work, play or survival of the lower classes of any time period covered by the SCA. For example, agricultural labourers, herdsmen, indentured servants, etc. This is an opportunity for people to enter the world of the real majority of medieval lives, and for a project that isn't “shiny” to be rewarded.
  • Won in 2016 by Fáelán Ruadh ua Aodha

Light in the Dark (Ages)

  • Sponsored by: THL Emer ingen uí Áiden
  • Details: “Light in the Dark (Ages)” for an impressive entry in an “early period” (no later than the 900s) skill or item.

Medieval Martial Arts

  • Sponsored by: Master Giovanni de Enzinas
  • Details: Any project that looks at interpreting medieval martial arts and/or their place within medieval culture. This includes both research projects and presentations.
  • Sponsored by: THL Graem de Cherbourg
  • Details: This award is to recognize an artisan that most creatively manages to produce a work with medieval appearance and/or function where modern constraints of the SCA or mundane laws or rules preclude using period techniques or materials for part of the piece.
  • Won in 2016 by Ersebet of Târgovişte

Best Experimental Archeology

  • Sponsored by: Laurel Vigilant Eluned verch Angor
  • Bonus is they prove their own theories wrong.

Best Embroidered Item

  • Sponsored by Pomestnitsa Marina Anastasia Ozeroski
  • Chosen from all items which have been embroidered, or have embroidery on them, and which best demonstrate the embroiderer's understanding of the type of embroidery completed, demonstrate accurate execution of technique or techniques and demonstrate an understanding of its historical context.
  • Won in 2016 by Lucia de Moranza


  • The Kingdom Library of Ealdormere would like to sponsor a prize for documentation - an entrant that makes the best use of a combination of primary and secondary sources to document a project.
  • Won in 2016 by Lucia de Moranza

Email Lucia de Enzinas, Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences at ealdormere.kmoas@gmail.com to get your prize added to the listing.

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