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Ealdormere at Home


Produced for the Kingdom of Ealdormere, Ealdormere at Home is a new web series was developed to help the people of Ealdormere stay connected during the time of the Great Plague of A.S. LV. Each episode features interviews; event news; spotlights on artisans; music; and much more!

From June to October Ealdormere at Homewas episodic, with each episode containing several different segments, and published on a set schedule. In October, following episode 12, E@H switched to producing smaller shows, released on no set schedule. Segments that normally would have been part of an episode of Ealdormere at Home will were now produced as part of following series instead:

  • Segments that would have been “Wolves of the Breed,” Our Histories“ and “Officers of Ealdormere” segments on Ealdormere at Home will instead be produced immediately as episodes of In Conversation.
  • Segments that would have been “Artisan Spotlights” and “Projects” segments on Ealdormere at Home will instead be produced immediately as episodes of Head, Hands, Heart, and Hope.
  • Missives: Digital letters from Their Majesties, Territorial Excellencies, officers, guilds, or anyone, really!
  • In the beginning, Recent Events and Upcoming Events were segments on the Ealdormere at Home flagship program. Now they will instead be produced as their own video.
  • No Crap! There I Was! We all love to tell tales of Pennsic. This program tells those tales through stop motion animation.
  • Cry of the Wolf. Bardic performances by the many talented singers, song writers, and poets of Ealdormere!

Ealdormere at Home is produced and edited by Colyne Stewart and Þorfinna gráfeldr.

Ealdormere at Home


Featuring: Wolves of the Breed: with Their Majesties King Amelius Lucius Claudius Rattanicus and Queen Isabel Atwyll; Musical Interlude: Mattius of Petrea Thule; Artisan Highlight: Keja Tselebnik

Featuring: Wolves of the Breed:Dietrich von Sachsen; Musical Interlude: Inês de Freitas; Artisan Highlight: Rorik of Septentria (featuring Evan Quicktongue);

Featuring: Wolves of the Breed:Joffr Rödson discusses beekeeping; Musical Interlude: Wydow Kate sings “Plague Reign”; Artisan Highlight: Emelote of Calais (featuring Evan Quicktongue); How to: Ælfwyn et Langanwuda shows how to strap a shield

Featuring: Wolves of the Breed: Orlaith of Bearhall; Musical Interlude: Emer ingen Uí Áedán; Artisan Spotlight: Cesare Ambrogino di Salvazzi (featuring Evan Quicktongue)

Featuring: Wolves of the Breed:Rylan Buchanon with Isabel Atwyll; Missives:Sciath ingen Chaennaig; Officers of Ealdormere:Lucia de Enzinas; Artisan Spotlight:Alexander Gladstone (featuring Evan Quicktongue); Projects:Bjorn Járnason Bjorn (featuring Evan Quicktongue)

Featuring: Wolves of the Breed:Albrecht Stampfer (with Sciath ingen Chaennaig); Officers of Ealdormere: Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences Emelote of Calais (with Isabel Atwyll); Bardic Interlude:Osc of the Harbour and the Greyfells Singers; Artisan Spotlight: Leatherworking with Tiberius of Warwickshire (featuring Evan Quicktongue); How-to: Photography with Alexander Gladstone (with Bjorn Járnason)

Featuring: Wolves of the Breed: Rhys of Anglesey, new member (withSciath ingen Chaennaig); Officers of Ealdormere:Brand Thorwaldsen, Kingdom Chatelaine (with Isabel Atwyll); Bardic Interlude: “Tam Lin” by Guoillauc filius Brancu and Margaret Young; Artisan Spotlight:Amelye Merriman, embroidery (narrated by Evan Quicktongue)

Featuring Wolves of the Breed –Fáelán Ruadh ua Aodha, playing at a distance (with Bjorn Járnason), Artisan Spotlight – Matilda la Zouche, loom (with Evan Quicktongue), Bardic interlude – Precious,Martin Bildner, Officers of Ealdormere – Alexander Gladstone (with Bjorn Járnason), Our Histories – Enid of the Tin Isles and Henry of Linlithgow (with Siglinde Harfnerstochter), Projects - Ælfwyn et Langanwuda, early period backpack, Missives - Heraldic masks (with Isabel Atwyll and Alexander Gladstone)

Featuring Wolves of the Breed – Baudouin de Domrémy, mead (with Lucia de Enzinas), Light Calvary Training – Amelius Lucius Claudius Rattanicus and Buttercup Sprinkles, Officers of Ealdormere – Nicolaa de Bracton, Lawspeaker (with Isabel Atwyll), Bardic interludes – Dietrich von Sachsen, “Crusader’s Song”, Artisan Spotlight – Iohn Spooner, spoon making (with Evan Quicktongue), Report to the Lawspeaker – A Mystery in Ealdormere, Part One (with Nicolaa de Bracton, and Nicola Canis), Our Histories – TSivia bas Tamara v'Amberview (with Fisher of Ben Dunfirth), Projects – Corwyn and Domhnail Galbraith, Viking Canoe Trip (with Colyne Stewart), Breaking News – A Mystery in Ealdormere, Part Two (with Amelius Lucius Claudius Rattanicus)

Featuring Wolves of the Breed – Nicola Canis and Nicolaa de Bracton, A Tale of Two Nicola(a)s, Light Calvary Training 2 – Amelius Lucius Claudius Rattanicus and Buttercup Sprinkles, Officers of Ealdormere – Richard Larmer, Kingdom Social Media Officer (with Isabel Atwyll), Bardic interludes – Baldric Leeman of Newcastle Emyln, “Blazing Scarlet Banner”, Artisan Spotlight – Orla O'shanahan, coin making (with Evan Quicktongue), Our Histories – Siglinde Harfnerstochter, the White Wolf Fian, Projects – No @#$! There I Was (with the LEGO army), Breaking News – A Plea from the Queen: A Mystery in Ealdormere, Part Ten (with Isabel Atwyll))

Featuring Wolves of the Breed – Koðran Inn Hvíti Gylðir (“Korigan”), fighting, Officers of Ealdormere – Martin Bildner, Chancellor of Youth and Youth Programs, Bardic interludes – Justinian Clarus, “A Man who Boozes”, Artisan Spotlight – James FitzMordain Blackcloak, dance (with Evan Quicktongue), Our Histories – Finnvarr de Taahe, American influence on early Ealdormere, Projects – Dubhessa inghean ni Ulliam, equestrian games, Missives - Strappy Harrington to the other plush, toy and puppet members of the kingdom

Featuring Wolves of the Breed – Edward Vikingsson of Avacal, First Nations fighting kit; Officers of Ealdormere – Gunther Wahlstadt, Deputy Marshal of Archery, and Deputy Marshal of Thrown Weapons'; Bardic interludes – Seamus, “Hey, Wassail, Wassail”; Projects – Light Cavalry Parade

In Conversation

Long format interviews with a variety of topics.

  • September 21, 2020. With Enid Aurelia of the Tin Isles and Henry of Linlithgow on the early days of Skraeling Althing.
  • September 26, 2020. Nicola Canis, who has been in the SCA for just over half a year, and Nicolaa de Bracton, who has been active for around thirty years, talk about their different experiences.
  • Nov 4, 2020. Edward Vikingsson of Avacal and his First Nations Fighting Kit.
  • Nov 7, 2020. Gunther Wahlstadt and Nicolaa de Bracton on the Offices of the Deputy Marshal of Archery, and the Deputy Marshal of Thrown Weapons, as well as the Yeomen of the Wolf.
  • Nov 19, 2020. Finnvarr de Taahe on the American Invasion of Ealdormere.
  • Nov 27, 2020. Ersebet of Targoviste on SCA/Cosplay crossover.

Wolf Cub Theatre

Written by one of our children and acted out in parts by all ages of Ealdormerian citizens.

  • Episode 1 September 1, 2020: Fairies written by Bell of the Lake. Featuring the dreaded Bear-Witch-Mermaid!

Head, Hands, Heart, and Hope: Ealdormere A&S

Arts & Science (A&S) classes and longer interview videos

  • : Episode 2 Baudouin de Domrémy discusses making mead with Lucia de Enzinas.

A Mystery in Ealdormere

Planned and written by Nicola Canis, a youtube mystery game


Staff, Volunteers, and Chronic Submitters

  • Ælfwyn et Langanwuda – content creator
  • Amelius Claudius Rattanicus – Content creator
  • Bjorn Járnason – interviewer
  • Colyne Stewart – Host, Director, Producer, Writer, Editor
  • Evan Quicktongue – narrator
  • Fischer of Ben Dunfirth – interviewer, editor
  • Isabel Atwyll – Interviewer
  • Joffr Rödson – editor
  • Lucia de Enzinas – interviewer
  • Nicola Canis – interviewer, editor, content creator
  • Nicolaa de Bracton – content creator
  • Rorik of Septentria – Music
  • Sciath ingen Chaennaig – interviewer, editor
  • Siglinde Harfnerstochter – interviewer
  • Þorfinna gráfeldr – Host, Director, Producer, Writer, Editor


  • Scroll of Honour (SoH), Sep 19, 2020: Ælfwyn, Bjorn, Colyne, Evan, Fischer, Joffr, Lucia, Nicola, Nicolaa, Sciath and Þorfinna were placed on the Scroll of Honour for their contributions to online content creation during the Plague Year.
  • In the President's Board Report for October 2020, the Society Social Media Officer commended Colyne and Thorfinna and the Ealdormere Youtube team for “the ongoing efforts of the Kingdom Social Media officers and their teams who are working tirelessly to assist their Kingdoms in this time.”
Ealdormere at Home
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