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The Tancred Project

The Tancred Project involves gathering stories about Baron Tancred Tanglewood of Rising Waters. Although he is no longer with us, the stories about him live on, and we wish to share these stories with our new members who did not get to meet him in person. Lady Jowan began this project after receiving Tancred's Tankard, an award for extended service to the Barony of Rising Waters.

If you have a story about Tancred that you would like share, please send it to Lady Jowan at her email.

Collected Stories

Posted on Nov. 2, 2019, by Sweet Emma

“When I was at Crown I met a Lady who asked me for stories about Baron Tancred of Tanglewood as she had heard about him but had never met him.

I loved Baron Tancred and Baroness Rosalinda as if they were my own parents but also great friends. They opened their hearts and their home to me on many occasions, so it is with love that I share these stories.

I first met Baron Tancred and Baroness Rosalinda at 12th Night almost 14 years ago if memory serves. Lord Normand had brought me to 12th Night where apparently I had “saved the Son of the Baroness” when he became ill while at the same time kicking His Royal Majesty King Aaron out of a room in his underwear so we could use it for an emergency. Thus began a very long friendship.

At one event during Feast, I approached the Head Table and said to Baron Tancred “Your Excellency. I have heard great stories about your Youth and how you purged, pillaged and plundered the shores of Northumbria, is this true?”

“Oh indeed,” he said proudly, puffing out his chest. ” I pillaged many a village“

“And at one of these raids, you met a raven-haired lass with huge tracts of land?”

“Ahh, I remember her!”

“And you pillaged her village?”


And that is how I found my Bastard Father, a joke we shared for as long as our friendship lasted.

I tried to get to as many camps and demos as I could and always was at the Service of Baron Tancred and Baroness Rosalinda. At Beamsville Demo, he always took to the lists and fought tirelessly and proudly to the delight of all at the fair who came to see him. Even when he was not feeling well and in pain, he still fought on with honor. I believe he was the one who started Rising Waters “Baronial Birthday Bash”? Even in that last year when he was really not feeling well, he took to the lists and outlasted every combatant who fought against him. He never gave up.

He was also an amazing woodworker and made beautiful chests and mirrored boxes among other items. I had always wanted one of his boxes but could never afford it. He was a merchant at Pennsic where his gorgeous carved chests were in very high demand - a true Master at his craft but not a Pelican.

One of the stories that make me laugh every time I speak of it happened at my very first “Murder Melee in the Meadow”. It had to be at least 1 a.m. Most fighters and gentles had changed into eveningwear hours ago but not Tancred. In the middle of the night, I hear “Chink. Chink. Chink. * grumble. Chink. Chink *cursing, *rustling, Finally the door to the port-a-potty being opened and closed. More muffled cursing and fumbling then silence. Then I hear his distinct voice “I hate ** port-a-castles”. On his way back to his tent, I gather he missed the path and suddenly I heard SPLASH! I go rushing to the ditch and start calling for help “We need help here! Baron Tancred has fallen into the ditch!” (muffled laughter). (Me again). “The Ditch is full of water - Baron Tancred is in Armor - he is DROWNING!” Help came a lot quicker.

Tancred loved Rosalinda as I have never seen a man love a woman. I was moved to tears at their wedding and gave them a set of costume jewellery - his and her dragon rings. At every event I went to I was greeted by them both warmly and with many hugs. We shared many great conversations and many jokes. I knew Tancred was seriously ill but just kept praying that everything would turn out for the better. I did not realize his time on earth was so limited.

When I had heard that he had passed away, I mourned. I have always had a phobia about funerals - I couldn't even attend one for an uncle of mine who had passed. Instead, I went to the Scarborough Bluffs and sang the Norse Song of Passing. I still mourn and I also miss Baroness Rosalinda who I have not seen in many years.

I hope more people share their stories of Tancred with the younger members of Rising Waters. He was a true model of everything that is SCA - Courage, Compassion, Chivalric, Wise, Fierce, a Teacher, a consort, a friend - family.

I miss you every day - Paul Tattersall - Tancred of Tanglewood. Every day. God bless.”

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