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Septentrian Geographic

In May AS 41, Baron Corwyn Galbraith and Laird (now Maister) Colyne Stewart finally brought to fruition a long dormant plan to publish a periodical about the barony. Each article would present facts, traditions and information on the cantons of Septentria in a humourous way. Colyne quickly gathered a team of experts to write, take pictures and create graphics and the newsletter saw print in June AS 41. It was sold as a baronial fund raiser.


  • Travels through Thistle Country (Monadh) by Magistra Francisca di Piota
  • Fighters in the Mist (Skeldergate) by THL Geisen von Wulfanschmidt
  • Adventures in Ardchreag by THL Edward Shaggyshanks
  • Sofabeast: Lost Legacy of the Wild by Lord Snori hofson
  • White Bear Fian: Bearing Bears by Laird Colyne Stewart
  • Among the Northern Stones (Petrea Thule) by Cap’n Bloodfox
  • Land of Chefs (Caer Draeth) by Baroness Katerina von Reese
  • The Gray Havens of Septentria (Swan’s Keep) by Urtog the Unperiod
  • Booming Border Town (Vest Yorvik) by Lord Ludwig the Luddite
  • Days in the Country (Greenhithe be the Water) by Lady Vidana the Brief
  • The Royal City (Eoforwic) by Scholastica Peregrina.
The front cover of Septentrian Geographic
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