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Steinarr and Liðr

King Steinner, his back to the sunset, and Liðr, twice chosen.

In this reign, the roles of King's Champion and Fencing Champion were chosen through tournaments.

Steinarr and Liðr held a series of Royal Einvigi tournaments at all local armored combat and fencing fight practices. Participates received 1 point for entering, 2 points for 2nd place and 3 for winning. Prizes were awarded as follows:

Reign Information

Served as: King and Queen

Date of Reign: April 25th, AS 49 - September 19th, AS 50 (2015)

Reign Period: Norse

Predecessors: Trumbrand III and Kaylah III

Successors: Quilliam III and Domhnail II


  • King's Champion: Duke Tormont Quilliam, replaced by Duke Edward the Red
  • Queen's Champion: Lord Tristham Ovinra I Groffa
  • Fencing Champion: Lord Jobjorn Lethrablaka

Command Staff:

  • Pennsic War Armored Combat: Sir Mordain Blackcloak
  • Pennsic War Unbelted Team Captain: Laird James Edgarson
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