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Siegfried I and Ragni

King Siegfried, whose sword deals justice, and Ragni, hall-hostess.

The new King Siegfried gave to Duke Finnvarr the right to Crown Queen Ragni. Queen Ragni had been Duke Finnvarr's consort for many years, but he had never won a Crown for her.

Reign Information

Served as: King and Queen

Date of Reign: April 26th, AS 48 - September 27th, AS 49 (2014)

Predecessors: Nigel II and Adrielle II

Successors: Trumbrand III and Kaylah III


  • King's Champion: Sir Varakii Varenko Idanovich
  • Queen's Champion: Viscount Menken Brechen
  • Rapier Champion: The Honourable Lord Giovanni de Enzinas
  • Archery Champion: The Honourable Lord Brendan Hunterson
  • Thrown Weapons Champion: Baroness Christiana Macnamara
  • Games Champion: The Honourable Lord Eirik Andersen
  • Master of Dance: The Honourable Lord Jamie Blackcloak
  • Minister of Candy: Yvaine du Roquefort

Command Staff

  • Pennsic War Armored Combat: Sir Evander Maclachlan
  • Pennsic War Unbelted Team Captains: Mistress Ælfwyn et Langanwuda and The Honourable Lord Guillaume le Breton
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