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Roak VII and Hyrrokin II

Roak VII and Hyrrokin II are the current King and Queen of Ealdormere.

Roak VII and Hyrrokin II ascended the thrones virtually, as the Great Plague was resurging at the time of their coronation. Their reign is the second longest in Ealdormere's history, though dwarfed by the reign of their predecessors Rattanicus and Isabel. They were crowned in January to hasten the end of Rattanicus and Isabel's long reign, and reigned until September in order to bring the Kingdom back to a normal reign schedule. This means that their reign lasted roughly one and a half normal reigns.

Reign Information

Served as: King and Queen

Date of Reign: 22 January AS 56 - Present

Predecessors: Rattanicus and Isabel

Successors: to be determined

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