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Roak VI and Hyrrokin I

King Roak VI, wise as the elk, unchanging as the oak, and Hyrrokin I, the welcome summer breeze.

The Coronation of Roak VI and Hyrrokin I took place on May 4th, and their Coronation was celebrated with a Star Wars theme.

Reign Information

Served As: King and Queen

Date of Reign: May 4th, AS 54 - September 21st, AS 54

Predecessors: Evander and Marioun

Successors: Kaylah IV and Trumbrand IV


  • King's Champion: Baron Penda of Glyndmere
  • Queen's Champion: The Honourable Lord Manik of Ben Dunfirth
  • Thrown Weapons Champion:

Command Staff:

  • Pennsic War General (armoured combat): Prince Trumbrand the Wanderer
  • Pennsic War General (fencing): Princess Kaylah the Cherful
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