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 ====== Rattanicus and Isabel ====== ====== Rattanicus and Isabel ======
-Rattanicus and Isabel are the current [[activities:​service:​offices:​Crown Prince]] and [[activities:​service:​offices:​Crown Princess]] of Ealdormere.+Rattanicus and Isabel are the current [[activities:​service:​offices:​King]] and [[activities:​service:​offices:​Queen]] of Ealdormere. 
 +Rattanicus and Isabel ascended the thrones a month into the great plague which struck the whole of the Knowne World in the spring of AS 54. They had no ceremony at that time as there was no way for the populace to gather. ​ Rattanicus and Isabel led the Kingdom virtually, hosting bardic nights and other gatherings through the magic portal known simply as "​Zoom"​. ​  
 =====Reign Information===== =====Reign Information=====
-Served as: Currently Prince ​and Princess+Served as: King and Queen
-Date of Reign:+Date of Reign: ​25 April AS 54 - present
 Predecessors:​ [[Kaylah IV and Trumbrand IV]] Predecessors:​ [[Kaylah IV and Trumbrand IV]]
 Successors: //to be determined//​ Successors: //to be determined//​
 +  * King's Champion: ​
 +  * Queen'​s Champion:  ​
 +  * Bard: TH Lord [[people:​dietrich_von_sachsen|Dietrich von Sachsen]]
 +Command Staff: \\
 +Although Pennsic War was canceled because of the plague, the command staff were announced, and are listed here although they were unable to perform their duties. ​
 +  * Pennsic War General: Sir [[people:​Ælfwyn et Langanwuda]]
 +  * Pennsic War XO: Duchess Adrielle Kerrec
 +  * Pennsic War Unbelted Assist: TH Lady [[people:​Gwendolyn of Aldburg]]
 =====See Also===== =====See Also=====
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