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Rattanicus and Isabel

King Rattanicus, the constant north star, and Isabel, the lucent moon, guiding us through the night.

Rattanicus and Isabel ascended the thrones a month into the great plague which struck the whole of the Knowne World in the spring of AS 54. They had no ceremony at that time as there was no way for the populace to gather. Rattanicus and Isabel led the Kingdom virtually, hosting bardic nights and other gatherings through the magic portal known simply as “Zoom”.

In September of AS 56, seventeen months into their reign, the plague had abated enough to allow for a proper coronation ceremony and the resumption of events in a limited capacity. Heirs were chosen soon after. Though the plague returned in the winter, forcing Coronation back into the realms virtual, their successors Roak VII and Hyrrokin II were successfully crowned in January of AS 56.

Rattanicus and Isabel hold the record for the longest reign in Ealdormere's history, sitting the thrones of Ealdodrmere for 638 days (the equivalent of roughly three and a half normal reigns).

Reign Information

Served as: King and Queen

Date of Reign: 25 April AS 54 - 22 January AS 56

Predecessors: Kaylah IV and Trumbrand IV

Successors: Roak VII and Hyrrokin II


  • King's Champion: TH Lord Laurenz Tonnemacher
  • Queen's Champion: Master Tonis van Hoorn
  • Bard (and Bardic General): TH Lord Dietrich von Sachsen

Note that more was asked of the Bardic Champion, TH Lord Dietrich, than of any previous bard in the Kingdom's history. Story and song kept the kingdom united virtually, and in addition he served as General for the first inter-Kingdom Bardic War.

Command Staff:
Although Pennsic War was canceled in AS 55 because of the plague, and then canceled again in AS 56, the command staff were announced, and are listed here although they were unable to perform their duties.

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