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Quilliam IV and Tangwystl

King Quilliam IV, soft spoken liege, and Tangwystl, wolf queen at last come home.

During their reign, Master Jamie Blackcloak became the first peer made in Ealdormere whose parents were also peers of the Society.

Her Majesty Tangwystl issued The Queen’s Persona Challenge, wherin members of the populace were challenged to research details of their persona. More than just knowing a persona's century and culture, this challenge asked participants to consider their and their parent's professions, if they could read, and even what food they might have eaten. There was no prize awarded, as the idea was to encourage everyone to dig deeper into their personas.

Reign Information

Served as: King and Queen

Date of Reign: April 29th, AS 51 - October 21st, AS 52 (2017)

Predecessors: Siegfried II and Xristina

Successors: Edward III and Rylyn III

Reign Period: 16th Century English


  • King's Champion (armoured): The Honourable Lord Conall MacEarnain
  • Queen's Champion (rapier): Master Lars Eriksson

Command Staff:

  • Pennsic War Armored Combat: Sir Baldric Leeman of Newcastle Emlyn
  • Pennsic War Rapier Combat: Master Lars Eriksson
  • Pennsic War Archery: Baroness Mahhild de Valognes
  • Pennsic War Unbelted Team Captain: The Honourable Lord Conall MacEarnain
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