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Nigel III and Adrielle III

King Nigel the third, keeper of treasures, and Adrielle the third, Iron Queen of distant lands, her gifts most precious.

At Pennsic, Adrielle becomes known by her cousins as the “Iron Queen” for her fearlessness in speaking her mind.

Nigel and Adrielle brought the Calontir tradition of newcomers cups to Ealdormere. This is the gifting of cups to those who are attending their first event, in the hopes that they will return and share a drink with their new friends. Her Majesty Adrielle made many of the first cups which were distributed.

Reign Information

Served as: King and Queen

Date of Reign: April 23rd, AS 50 - September 17th, AS 51 (2016)

Reign Period: 14th Century Scottish & English

Predecessors: Quilliam III and Domhnail II

Successors: Siegfried II and Xristina


Command Staff:

  • TRM Nigel and Adrielle commanded the army
  • Pennsic War Armoured Combat XO: Sir Varakii Varenko Idanovich
  • Pennsic War Rapier Combat: Maestra Jocelyn Roget de Cranewell
  • Pennsic War Armoured Combat Assist: Sir Ælfwyn et Langanwuda
  • Pennsic War Armoured Combat Assist: Baron Amelius Claudius Rattanicus
  • Pennsic War Unbelted Team Captains: Baron Amelius Claudius Rattanicus and Laird James Edgarson
Nigel III and Adrielle III. Photo by Kyle Andrews.
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