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Nigel II and Adrielle II

King Nigel the second, who holds what is taken, and Adrielle the second, most diligent.

Reign Information

Served as: King and Queen

Date of Reign: September 28th, AS 48 - April 26th, AS 48 (2013-2014)

Reign Period: 14th Century Scottish & English

Predecessors: Trumbrand II and Kaylah II

Successors: Siegfried I and Ragni


  • King's Champion: hlafdige Ælfwyn et Langanwuda
  • Queen's Champion: Lord Rorik
  • Fencing Champion: The Honourable Lady Jocelyn Roget de Cranewell
  • Bard: Lady Ailis de la Marche
Nigel II and Adrielle II. Photo by Kyle Andrews.
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